Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


As a person ready to begin a professional website, you are looking for a reliable help provider than can deliver. Every company has the rules that govern it, and so are online writing firms. If you are looking forward to working with us, you do have a duty to understand the dos and dons that pertain to our article writing service delivery. We provide the best article writing assistance provided by a reliable team of qualified writers. Our company has always catered to the needs of people looking for SEO article writing services. Our wide range of service delivery touches on social media posting, content review services, web content writing, business paper writing, and internet marketing writing, among others. Our company has the best writers who have been prepared and exposed to you should you need help.

When you place an order with us, it means you have already read and fully comprehend all our comprehensive writing service terms and conditions. It is imperative to know and understand that there is no guarantee regarding accepting a third-party written piece of work. We are firm in providing you with the best assistance to arrive at very suitable content written purely according to your directives.

When you accept the terms outlined below, you do legalize us to charge your provided credit card or other payment means for the total amount we have agreed for the products or services, as portrayed in your order. It is critical to understand that any unauthorized use of a stolen credit card is not allowed by the law and will, with immediate effect, be reported to the necessary law enforcement agency for further action. We advocate against cybercrimes such as bullying and illegal businesses, which we fight every way possible. When working with us, beware of online misconduct as we report unlawful actions without a second thought. We endeavor to provide the best article writing services. However, we aren’t and cannot be legally liable for any kind of delivery mishaps resulting from client’s neglect, spam filters, lack of internet coverage, wrong email, or any general abandonment. We have a very dedicated client support department, accessible around the clock, and ready to assist in service delivery concerns. We are here to ensure that you receive exceptional article writing services, but our esteemed clients must provide us with the required and accurate information. We urge clients to have up-to-date software to assist you to avoid any form of mishaps on your side. If at any time you fail to receive your order as required, you have the right to demand a partial or full refund of your payment regarding the extent o damages. We have the sole discretion to approve or disapprove your demands; however, you may be the judge at a personal level. Below is a list of the terms and conditions of our service provision;


Our free revision assistance policy;


As a reliable firm, we provide a free revision policy as a courtesy service to ensure that you have full approval of your completed order. After providing you with reliable article writing services, we require a client to request a revision within the first 72 hours after service delivery. This isn’t an alarming issue, as we provide quality content writing aid way before the deadline to allow you to preview your work. If your revision request is valid, and according to our guidelines, we will provide you with the best revision help without charges. If your work has changed from the original copy for any reason, it will be hard for us to offer free revision. Also, if within 72 hours you fail to request a correction, we will assume that your work is correct, and you are fully satisfied with our services. Your work will no longer be eligible for our revision courtesy service. Ensuring your satisfaction is our primary commitment, so we will be happy to assist with any issue you may have regarding your work even when you’ve missed the revision policy deadline.


Our refund policy;


We are out to serve every client who contacts us; however, our experts have every right to reject any placed order from anyone who is involved in fraud or is out to misuse our services. We have the right to cancel any order under this policy since we operate on legal grounds. Clients are given the liberty to request a refund for their work, should it have a significant amount of spelling mistakes, grammar errors, and poor sentence structure. If your work covers a different subject from what you instructed, you equally can request a refund.


Our delivery policy;


If you seek the best article writing services, your work will be delivered to you through an email. The delivery time is based on the time limit allowed & paid for, and the delivery clock begins ticking, starting the minute you order and pay for services.


Our unclear order directives policy;


Since we work with the instructions you provide to us, they have to be crystal clear & perfect to avoid poor service delivery. If you provide us with unclear instructions, we won’t provide you with quality article writing help. Once we have completed your work under the provided instructions, your revision request must comply with the initial description & requirements.


Our email messaging system policy;


Our messaging system is easy & convenient for communication; however, it is your duty to check the system to address issues, additional directives, concerns, & questions.


Our work description & urgency policy;


In case the desired work urgency or description chose by a client is not correct, he/she will assume the liability for such an issue. It is the client’s responsibility to select the required details that fit their needs at the time of order placement. If errors arise during the order placement, you should contact our client support for immediate support.


Important to NOTE;


The use of unauthorized or stolen credit card isn’t allowed, and it’s considered a severe & punishable offense. We prefer to closely cooperate with our reimbursement processors to curb cyber-crimes and possibly report to state agencies.

Now that you understand our terms and conditions, please reach out to our qualified article writing experts to get assistance.